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you´ll never forget about how you were
not my first choice
all the consequences
and that dunning voice inside,you know
got so wasted that night,
i´m afraid i´m some ill-bred bitch..
i tend to fight too much,
squashin´ my heart in that rib cage

i exploit a whole ocean fishing for compliments
save the whale!
- said that weight-issue-thing´s not really mine but..
well it depends!
it´s that i took my time,
i took my time to relax but i just CAN´T!
vandalism - i promise we´re cleaning.
we´re leaving with the nothern lights,ma´am.

today a very icy ground awaits
all my steps forwards
i want resort in your hall of shame,
hot steam and frequent hugs and the safe guard
and hide from,whatever.
believe me it´s a waste of names and time
besides.i want to know about what you really like


i have some spare time!
things look small from above
my lungs like hoover bags
i inhale life at times but
not today.

10.8.07 17:29

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